About Betty

Betty’s newest CD, La Lumière du Son is reviewed in Yoga Journal, August 2011.  Read the review here!

Betty Roi is a wonder of talents. She is a chanteuse with authentic connection to the music of France, which she sings with her big heart and beautiful voice using contemporary arrangements and her own vocal style.  On the other hand, she is a citizen of the world as evidenced by her wonderful project of chants and spirit music. Because of these diverse aspects in her life, Betty is able to bridge the worlds she loves and bring us these two strong collections that will satisfy and heal.

Rhiannon, vocalist and Associate Professor of vocal studies
at Berklee College of Music, Boston

I’d love for you to meet the fabulous Betty Roi, the lovely and amazing yogini singer.  She’s a world-class vocalist and phenomenal yoga teacher living here in San Francisco.

Jeremy Simon, yoga teacher

La Chanteuse De Paris album is a daily play in our home. My wife & I have received hours of listening enjoyment. Now after seeing Betty perform at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, we have a visualization memory to go with the sound. I cannot recommend strongly enough to others that seeing Betty and her Kingtette in person is a must-do. The performance offered a total experience of sight and sound. In addition to her talent, the Kingtette as a group and individual performers just made a memorable experience.

Thank you, Betty, for sharing your talent.

Bill Hilton

It was such a beautiful night at the de Young, and Betty lit up the stage.

William Salit

Betty’s performance was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes to see her in her place and own it; she was a natural on stage, totally herself, totally happy and having fun. Betty’s voice is so beautiful and her singing was mesmerizing. She made the audience feel very engaged. We had such a great time!

Lisa Knispel

I loved the show! Betty sounded amazing and looked fantastic!


Betty was awesome at the de Young!


Betty was phenomenal!


Betty looks absolutely fabulous and her voice is divine!

Jordan Hines

I enjoyed seeing Betty so much! That was a very fun evening! When you come closer and closer to your true essence, how can you not be brilliant!

James Wood

Indeed it was a fantastic evening, buzzing with electric energy: Betty’s, the band’s … Betty give them a taste of authentic French songs with her own interpretation. The audience were in awe.


My girlfriends and I very much enjoyed Betty’s performance at the museum on Friday Night. We also loved her shoes! Not an easy room to work — and she managed to make it personal in that big open space.

Carmela Ann Carlyle

Thank you, Betty, for taking me back to Paris last Friday at the de Young!